Bird – A new relationship with RSPB Minsmere takes flight

Bird – A new relationship with RSPB Minsmere takes flight

A dance life full of creative possibilities appears to be soaring into EncoreEast at the moment. Here is another to add to this year’s programme.

One of our guiding principles as a company is to support each other in whatever aspect of dance we feel the need to develop. Personally, a hangover from a long while back, I flutter around choreography. For a while now I have ruminated using the theme of the birds of the British Isles to express in a dance form.  There is much to consider.  Bird flight, call, song, behaviours and their unique beauty have to be nested conceptually into movement. Beginning at the start of the lockdown my notes, scribbles, drawings and simply observing birds have taken a sort of murmuration. The company has all this under their wing.

EncoreEast take flight with a new company production “Bird.” This is part of our developing relationship with the RSPB Minsmere. We begin the pathway this year with a day’s workshop and small performance at Minsmere on the 17th September 2023. The workshops will explore site-specific dance, encouraging participants to respond to the environment of Minsmere and use bird call, song, behaviour and relationships to generate movement. Everybody and all ages will be welcome.

The dance “Bird” will be performed in the following year. The company have begun to explore movements around the ideas which we will share in the workshop. We are excited and pleased to be offering a piece that relates to the wider issue of climate change that we and all birds face.

By Lyn Matthews