Home at Flatford – Lyn Matthews

Home at Flatford – Lyn Matthews

Lockdowns proved difficult for me, as for many people. Early on my salvation and solace was “to go for a walk”. Flatford (I live close by) was my sanctuary and gave me security of feeling at home. Almost daily in the last year and at any time I wandered across, around, above the Flatford lands. Here I felt what Constable himself describes and relished every moment.

England, with her climate of more than vernal freshness, and in whose summer skies, and rich autumnal clouds, the observer of Nature may daily watch her endless varieties of effect…. to one brief moment caught [by the artist] from fleeting time. “

This is the first part of the story.

Now the dance. I have danced all my life, off and on – it’s a bit of a passion. On moving to Suffolk, I joined EncoreEast. During the pandemic we had to make changes and became our own independent dance company for the mature dancer. In those early days we scrabbled around for zoom lessons and bravely some of us wanted the challenge of choreography. I took up the challenge.

The creative process; rehearsing on zoom, finding the music, copious notes and thinking, was in itself hugely enjoyable and lead to us creating the film at Flatford.

Home began as a conceptual idea based around “What 3 words”, and a Mexican wave. The film that followed this idea became a response to a world-wide pandemic. Around the world people were shut in to their homes; for some home became a sanctuary. The dance began on zoom first.

In this dance we see continual, incessant movement interpreting the quality of existence interspersed with the manic domestic routines of daily life. These routine actions became significant punctuations in our daily lives.

Intermittently, and during different stages of lockdowns, we were allowed to meet in bubbles, small groups – then not.

By the end of the lockdowns many people across the world found solace in the beauty of nature and a new sense of freedom in the open air. This is where we came to record the dance.

… And so, for me personally I was very fortunate to complete the cycle and film the dance at Flatford. I hope you enjoy it and have time to go to the link.


Lyn Matthews

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