HOST – The beginning of a great conversation

HOST – The beginning of a great conversation

What a day! We enjoyed great workshops, amazing films, stunning performances and stimulating conversation.

The day was packed but it felt relaxed. There were so many different people to talk to, but it felt like we had time for them all.

I danced, I smiled, I learned, I listened, I watched, I created, I shared, I ate, I moved, and I was very, very proud of all the amazing talent that surrounded me. I was struck by how generous everyone was, how willing to get involved and share their experience.

Thank you to you all, it feels like we have made so many new friends.

The conversation on Dance & Age framed the day; I would like to continue that conversation here through our blogs. I will post thoughts and musings under the new heading ‘Dance & Age’. Let’s keep connected and help shape this important conversation.

You can see some of the amazing films from HOST:

Enjoy! And let’s keep creating together.

By Stella Eldon