Reflections from The Sun Inside

Reflections from The Sun Inside

The Sun Inside – Luca Silvestrini’s Protein Dance

It was spring and the first UK lockdown, life curtailed in many aspects, some minor, some final.

I had returned to a home of 14 years ago, a place of skylights and new light shafts.

There was around me a strange sense of containment and fear, yet a time of encouraging spring weather, flowers blooming, smelling so strong, nature showing its other side.

Into these times, this project arrived and life got lighter.

Gathering online for the first time, there was an excitement and joy, current faces, past faces and new faces from all over.

We were explained, equipped and then got to play with the one thing that could penetrate all our spaces, wherever we were.

And I did, on brief, off brief, but with a sense of this was ok, both to reflect the hardness of the times but also look to play with some hope.

So, what then was made, on a sublime edit with music that lifted, I feel lucky to have played in.  A piece showing joy and hope inside the limitations of a life. It takes me a while to reflect but one year on…Thank you.

By Andy Newman