The Album – SAY Review

The Album – SAY Review

What can I say… after a long hot lazy summer, feeling a bit out of touch and longing to get back into my dance world, I was plunged into the truly incredible world of SAY. It was a brilliant, enthralling start to the DanceEast autumn season.

SAY are a young vibrant energetic duo, Sarah Golding and Yukiko Masai, new DanceEast Associate Artists, bringing their work to Ipswich for the first time. The Album was created and performed by the pair and premiered on 23 September. It was co-produced by The Place and co-commissioned by The Place and DanceEast.

Everything about it appeared to put me out of my comfort zone. The publicity promised a world I know little about including break through music artists and breaking the conventions of contemporary dance. From the very first moment the lights, the images, the music and the dancers drew me in. It was vibrant, exciting, engaging and I became completely a part of their world. It was fast and furious and noisy, but also funny, moving and captivating. There was so much energy and connection with the audience, and we were totally involved. We were pulled almost physically onto the stage by their energy, fun and absolute wonder of their performance.

Sarah and Yukiko are amazing dancers. Their physicality, athleticism and lyricism are outstanding. Dancing together they take the idea of unison to a whole new level. They are also really clever in making a two person show compelling and entertaining by telling their stories with laughter and comedy, getting the audience to join in, singing to us and involving a local music artist to sing a song entitled Ipswich. The visuals were stunning, the music captivating and every element of the performance gelled together in perfect harmony.

Certainly, something not to be forgotten. I do hope it won’t be too long before they come back again. SAY yes, we want more of this remarkable duo, and thank you for this brilliant start to our dancing and performing season.

Pam Candler