Time with Luca

Time with Luca

The process of making “It’s My Time” has been yet another astonishing journey for myself and I am sure other company members.

Month by month the project emerged, beginning way back in November 2022. Despite the success of Focus, I was somewhat reticent about feeling able to commit myself to another choreographic venture. Our first session was one of gentle, thorough and thoughtful approaches to movement which allayed all my fears. I settled in. Soon I was to be shaken: “I will ask you to use your voice,” Luca pronounced (not me I thought!).

Week by week a new choreographic task transformed the movement qualities of duets, trios, or larger groups. We threw ourselves into each improvisation. Tantalizing tasks varied from the use of voice, an idea, sentences, a poem: each relying on individuals’ responses in movement. In this process we were allowing our feelings to become tangible for the piece.  We produced some cracking gems- and laughter, fun and sadness too.

Session by session we were able to unpeel and unpick the vagaries of getting older, the adversities and attributes. And I felt I did. I began to feel less conscious about my age as a dancer, but more aware of so much that I could say. My feelings were later to be found resonating in the theme of Host … ‘Lets Create’.

Movement by movement I was able, as a dancer, to find out more about me. I learnt about my weaknesses, failings and indeed limitations but also where I could be comfortable. I enjoyed the creative space Luca gave us to secure our own movement and secure this within ourselves. For me, using the voice with movement became a revelation.

Minute by minute the performance itself portrayed our endeavours. Luca’s ingenious, inventive choreographic structure allowed the audience to glimpse the journey we had taken, in such a way that it was bound to succeed. Claps, laughter, screams of encouragement and then the final applause felt, I have to say, very good. We smashed it!

Lyn Matthews

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