EncoreEast Go International!

EncoreEast Go International!

We are excited and honoured that Echos, our screen-dance film created with Viking.TV has been selected for the Spring Dancefilm Festival. The festival is held online and live in Cerdanyola del Vallès, Catalonia, Spain.  The festival brings together thirty wonderful screen-dances from across the globe, and we are really proud that Echos will be among such a great programme.

The online event can be viewed from April 6th and Echos will be shown on 11th April.


Echos was created along the beautiful Suffolk coast. The legacy of centuries of military defence scattered along the shoreline leaves beaches dotted with eroded, sculptural debris. These decaying, corroded, off-balance objects create questions about the human need for control, which extends beyond ourselves and into the natural world. It seems to me we have positioned ourselves outside the natural order, with a belief we can tame the world into fitting our imagining of it. The debris reminds us that time and nature go on, we are but a

Stella Eldon