Review of Open Workshop with Susan Kempster

Review of Open Workshop with Susan Kempster

On Saturday 16 March, EncoreEast held an open workshop with Susan Kempster. With
an extensive international and award-winning career as choreographer, performer and
teacher, her workshop was very special.
It began with what Susan called a ‘functional warm-up’ that was both gentle and
effective in getting muscles warm and joints mobile. Then we moved into technique
exercises that were challenging, fun, and full of really helpful connections. Did you
know about the link between your jaw and your hips? Or that pulling faces and sticking
your thumb into your armpit can really help your balance?
Then we connected with each other, in small groups and pairs. With a focus on
connecting through our hands, and encouragement to keep moving and keep our feet
moving, we created intricate, smooth and satisfying improvisations.
The structure and content of the workshop worked well. We grew in trust and
confidence as the session progressed. By the end, I felt I had worked hard and learned a
lot, and came away inspired and energised. Susan is an inspiring teacher; her
enthusiasm is infectious and her enjoyment in moving and teaching light up the room.
She generously shared her extensive and deep knowledge of bodies, movement, theatre
and dance, gained through a lifetime working professionally in a range of contexts.
We had such a good time that we are hoping to be able to arrange anther workshop
For more information go to: http://www.susankempster.com or email
info@encoreeastdance.co.uk if you want to be kept informed about future workshops.